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Financial Services For The Poor Fact Sheet

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Attached is a short document from the Gates Foundation detailing the variety of financial services (banking, insurance, savings, etc) now available to those in developing countries.  Of course, the goal is to proliferate such products and services to help those 3 billion living in poverty break the cycle and all of its ill effects.


Gates Financial Services For The Poor Fact Sheet 

Socially Active…

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I recently heard this lecture by Muhammad Yunus. Presenting at Stanford, Yunus discussed the variety of socially active business ventures that Grameen has started including a cell phone network, IT companies, and textile manufacturing. These go far beyond socially responsible businesses but significantly benefit those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. This is very exciting!

A rose by any other name…

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There are many names and phrases out there that describe what we do. I thought I would chronicle a few of them as I feel that they round out our mission and our model.

  • Investment philanthropy
  • Compassionate capitalism
  • Progress through profits
  • Socially active investing
  • Small loans, huge impact
  • Creative capitalism
  • Kind capitalism