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Mexican microfinance bank Compartamos posts 31% rise in net profit

July 22, 2009: Banco Compartamos, the Mexican microfinance bank, on Tuesday announced its second quarter results which show net profit rose 31.3% totaling 327 million pesos ($24.7 million), up from 249 million pesos recorded in the corresponding quarter of 2008, in a statement filed with the Mexican Stock Exchange. The bank’s active clients reached 1,317,472 …
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Walk, Don’t Run: Low-Income Countries Make Small, Local & Microfinance Banks the Mainstay of Their Financial Systems

Walk, don’t run Jul 9th 2009 The Economist . In a guest article Justin Lin, the chief economist at the World Bank, argues that low-income countries need to make small, local banks the mainstay of their financial systems . FIXING finance is easier if you have a clear idea what it is for. What matters …
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VCs and PEs Bet On Microfinance

CHENNAI: Venture capitalists/PE (private equity) funds are now looking at investing in micro in India. According to industry observers, around Rs 1,000 crore is expected to be invested by venture capitalists/PE funds in the Indian micro finance space (MFIs) this year. In fact, of the 50 private equity deals worth $1 billion in banking and …
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How 24 Fund Categories Fared

The Wall Street Journal posted 2009 YTD results for several fund categories.  While microfinance was not named here, it would rank in the top half of investment returns for 2009, and is a clear winner for 2008 (with an exception of the black swan fund).  Click on the link below to see the chart. . …

Education & Microfinance

An excellent post from our VP, Caroline Allen. . http://capturedperspective.com/2009/06/30/to-teach-or-not-to-teach/
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Emerging Markets Propel Global Rebound

A research report from Citigroup Inc. during the quarter forecasted economic growth, not adjusted for inflation, of 5.8% in 2009 in emerging markets, compared with a decline of 4.7% in developed markets. . “There may be values in developed markets, but they look less attractive, because the growth profile of many emerging-market countries is higher …