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Froth at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Economist

In their most recent issue, the Economist included an article “Froth at the Bottom of the Pyramid” that summarized the recent Wall Street Journal article on microfinance and the subsequent responses. It’s a very even-handed review and a healthy reminder that not all microfinance organizations are created equally. . You can find the article here: …
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Why There’s No Credit Crisis in Microfinance

Why There’s No Credit Crisis in Microfinance – Harvard Business . Click Here for Original Article .. 3:02 PM Tuesday August 25, 2009 by Vikram Akula . A recent article in the Wall Street Journal would have you believe there is a credit crisis brewing in Indian microfinance — that microfinance institutions are indiscriminately over-lending …
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The Case For Private Equity Investment in Microfinance

A good write up from a third party on the case for PE in Microfinance. . Click Here for the Article . Much has been accomplished since the early days of modern microfinance when NGOs and organizations such as Grameen Bank started lending to industrious, but poor, communities in Bangladesh. The sector now touches well …
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For Global Investors, Microfinance Funds Pay Off – WSJ

For Global Investors, ‘Microfinance’ Funds Pay Off — So Far Wall Street Journal, August 13, 2009 By ROB COPELAND . Investing in funds that make small loans to third-world borrowers has been lucrative the past 12 months. But the weak global economy has some investors worried about trouble ahead. . The $30 billion industry, partly …
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Microcredit may not work wonders but it does help the entrepreneurial poor – Economist

A partial marvel Jul 16th 2009 From The Economist print edition Microcredit may not work wonders but it does help the entrepreneurial poor . MICROCREDIT looks like a miracle. It involves providing unsecured small loans to poor people in developing countries whom most banks would turn away. Yet these small borrowers almost always repay their …

Hans Rosling’s new insights on poverty

If you are not familiar with researcher Hans Rosling. He is a brilliant statistician who uses an amazing data tool to show how countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. This is a good taste of his style and conclusions while also demonstrating Dollar Street, comparing households of varying income levels worldwide. His data and …