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Private sector goes into development finance

Private sector goes into development finance . Published: December 20 2009 . Financial Times . The first tentative moves by western banks and fund managers into microfinance are gathering momentum. Most of the big banks have set up divisions that provide financial services to low-income clients in emerging markets, particularly to those who have or …
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Microfinance not in the red, despite crisis

Microfinance not in the red, despite crisis . Published on : 13 January 2010 – 4:25pm | By Laurens Nijzink . While major international banks have collapsed in these times of economic crisis, small microfinance institutions are still performing well. Poor women – until recently regarded as totally non-creditworthy – are paying back their loans …
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The Problems of Correlation in Financial Risk Management – the Contribution of Micro finance

In this paper, the authors, Karel Janda and Barbora Svárovská, first introduce microfinance institutions as an alternative investment instrument. They argue (convincingly) that beside socially responsible features of microfinance, there exists also significant portfolio enhancement opportunity in microfinance investments. Then they provide an overview of possible ways how to evaluate the correlation between microfinance related …
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Sparking a Savings Revolution

Sparking a Savings Revolution . By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: December 30, 2009 . There’s an old saying about poverty: Give me a fish, and I’ll eat for a day. Give me a fishing rod, and I’ll eat for a lifetime. . There are many variations in that theme. In Somalia, I heard a darker …