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Impact Investing

Impact Investing . Capitalism is tackling the world’s biggest social and environmental problems-and giving investors a new way to do well by doing good. . By Ron Cordes May 1, 2010 . Pretend it’s 2007 again, and you must choose between two investment opportunities. One is a pool of U.S.-based mortgage-backed securities packaged by a …
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Investing into Microfinance Investment Funds

Investing into Microfinance Investment Funds . This paper aims to measure the performance of microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) in terms of risk and returns to investors. The study included 11 MIVs (in the form of mutual funds) and their sub-funds that publish data monthly. The authors describe the funds as ‚Äúcommercial MIVs that focus mainly …
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Richard Rosenberg on the Compartamos Controversy

Richard Rosenberg, consultant to CGAP, speaks about the spectacular success and controversy around the IPO of Compartamos, one of the leading MFIs in Latin America. He concisely addresses the core issues of their transformation from a NGO to a for-profit and the impact of the IPO.¬† Upon a thorough review of the facts and reflection, …