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Foundations Embrace Mission-Based Investing, Study Says

The investment potential of U.S. foundations far outweighs their grant-making potential and more foundations are beginning to make investments that coincide with the their goals, which is known as mission investing, according to a recent study. U.S. foundations made grants totaling abut $46 billion in 2010 but held assets totaling more than $600 billion, vastly …

Russian, Polish, Romanian Lending Growth to Outpace GDP, Raiffeisen Says

By Boris Groendahl – Nov 8, 2011 10:13 AM CT – Bloomberg Russian, Polish and Romanian lending is set to outpace economic growth, while Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine are paying for past excesses with a prolonged period of weak credit expansion, Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) said. Russia will be both the biggest banking market in the former communist part …

Emerging Markets: Redrawing the Map

Say goodbye to the old playbook: The best opportunities are no longer where you’d expect. By RESHMA KAPADIA  When Taizo Ishida first set eyes on Bangladesh, he thought the images would stay with him forever. Posted there in the 1980s as a United Nations development officer, Ishida saw little but abject poverty wherever he turned. Lacking …

Economist Joseph Kaboski: Poor Financing in Developing Countries Explains Sluggish Growth

September 26, 2011 • Susan Guibert Though economists have long suspected that developing countries struggle to emerge from poverty because they lack robust financial sectors, few economists have tried to determine just how this phenomenon occurs—until now. University of Notre Dame Economics Professor Joseph Kaboski, together with colleagues from UCLA and Washington University in St. Louis, examine this …

Deutsche Bank launches £10m social investment fund

7 November 2011 Deutsche Bank will help to create a new asset class that we hope will attract a wide range of investors and deliver a significant amount of money to social enterprises. Colin Grassie, CEO of Deutsche Bank UK Deutsche Bank announced today that it has launched a £10m social investment fund in the …

Muhammad Yunus expresses faith in entrepreneurs at G20 summit

Microfinance Focus, November 4, 2011: Professor Muhammad Yunus was invited to deliver a key note speech during the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit held in Nice, France. Professor Yunus addressed an audience of more than 400 entrepreneurs from all G20 countries. In his speech, he shared his personal entrepreneurship experiences, his faith in young entrepreneurs to be …