About Us

About Us

Our experienced team of global investment professionals with over 50 years of combined international finance expertise work from our headquarters in Chicago. The breadth and depth of our team helps us identify and evaluate new investment opportunities on a global basis. Our investment team is responsible for leading the daily activities of the firm, including evaluating, structuring, and negotiating new investment opportunities, and working closely with the management teams of our portfolio companies to build value through a variety of initiatives.
The combination of strength-based team roles and global expertise are a hallmark of Creation Investments. Building on years of shared industry experience, our investment professionals’ deep knowledge of the capital markets around the world and long-term relationships with social venture leaders are critical to our success.  Click on Management Team and Advisory Board for short biographies of all involved.


Core Principles

Creation Investments seeks to offer investors a double bottom line, maximizing financial and social returns on investment. We do so by being focused on for-profit investments that directly benefit those living in poverty, compassionate in how we treat people, balanced in how we make decisions, and responsible in operating our businesses.  We desire to promote healthy stewardship of the world’s resources and authentic generosity among those with whom we do business.

We believe that our fiduciary role involves a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our stakeholders and that our adherence to Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance (ESG) best practices will positively affect the performance of our investment portfolios. We are active owners and incorporate the following principles in accordance with ESG  into our ownership policies and practices.  Creation Investments has adopted the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, the UN Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance, and the Smart Campaign/Client Protection Principles. Given this focus and commitment, Creation Investments was recognized as a top Impact Investment manager by ImpactAssets in 2011.



We are expressly focused on poverty reduction and eradication, in particular in the developing world, through direct investments in sustainable social ventures.  We do not involve ourselves in political lobbying or action, but rather private markets to achieve these goals.  We mobilize capital from a wide array of investors, giving them the opportunity to participate in robust social businesses, creating lasting change in the areas in which we operate.

We strive to provide creative and flexible capital structures in a manner that addresses the goals of our investors, portfolio companies and all stakeholders.  By providing financial capital and adding value through our active management, our portfolio companies are able to accelerate growth, fund new initiatives, and leverage their platforms, enabling them to scale their outreach, impact and profitability.

Creation Investments seeks to maximize value, both financial and social, for all of our stakeholders. Investments will be structured to achieve the greatest social and economic yields. Given our fiduciary responsibility to our investors, we aim to meet shareholder expectations through superior financial and social returns.


Creation Investments does not see those living in poverty as a market to be exploited. These people are brothers and sisters whom we are trying to serve through business. We will be a compassionate organization that helps to meet the tangible needs of people within the communities which we operate. Our heart for the poor will show itself in structuring investments in businesses which provide critical products and services to help break the cycle of poverty.

This compassion will also be exhibited through the rigor in which we manage our portfolios. The poor are best served through strong management and the highest professional standards.  We aspire to the highest level of professionalism, including excellence in our trade and personal standards of conduct. We desire to earn a reputation for honor, respect, and trustworthiness among our clients, in the community, and with the public. Professionalism includes skill, competence, leadership, integrity, courtesy, honesty, and willing compliance with the highest ethical standards. Professionalism goes beyond observing standard ethical rules. Our business code of conduct and ethics applies to our directors, board members, executive officers and all employees.

We do not sell poverty. We will not use photos, stories, or other media devices to induce participation in our activities based on emotion or guilt.  We give dignity to our clients through all of our activities and interactions.  We are active in investor education, providing hard facts and data on the financial and social merits of our investments.

We are committed to promoting solutions to poverty and social activism in all of its forms.  We believe that investing should be included in the continuum of social activism, as capital can be mobilized to alleviate suffering and eradicate poverty.  To this end, we facilitate investor education and new avenues for involvement.


Creation Investments equally weights financial and social returns on investment. Investment selection and other strategic decisions will be guided by a desire to maximize both social and financial returns. We will not sacrifice one for the other.  We will not make investments that do not target both market rate economic returns and robust social returns.

We believe that particular impact investments have aligned financial and social goals, where both bottom lines are mutually reinforcing not mutually exclusive.

We actively monitor financial and social returns on investment (FROI and SROI respectively).  We require effective financial and social performance management tools and timely reporting in all of our portfolio companies.

For all of our employees, we strive to create a working environment in which individuals can use their gifts, talents, and skills to their fullest.  We will promote healthy work-life balance and a culture of fairness, incentive, and opportunity.


We are responsible to all of our stakeholders which include our investors and strategic partners, suppliers and contractors, authorities and regulators, the countries, communities and ecosystems where we do business, the employees who give our organization its strength, others with an interest in social activism, and our end clients.

We perform negative and positive screens on all of our prospective investments, and require our portfolio companies to sign on to our business code of conduct and ethics statements. We will not finance organizations or lend through our portfolio companies to:

  • Predatory or usurious lending institutions
  • Businesses involved in alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, gambling, or weapons
  • Entities with unsustainable or environmentally deleterious production methods

We believe these are poor business practices and will lead to deterioration of both financial and social returns.

PRI Association

In addition to adopting he UN Principles for Responsible Investment and UN Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance, we are a member of the Smart Campaign and endorse the six client protection principles:

  • Avoidance of Over-Indebtedness
  • Transparent and Responsible Pricing
  • Appropriate Collections Practices
  • Ethical Staff Behavior
  • Mechanisms for Redress of Grievances
  • Privacy of Client Data

We are committed to being open and transparent about our business practices, investments and strategic partner relationships. We communicate regularly to investors and other stakeholders through a variety of media, always including detail on the financial performance and social impact of our investments.

Creation Investments will maintain a sound system of internal control that supports the achievement of the organization’s risk management policies, aims and objectives.  Specific board oversight is given to the Corporate Governance and Audit Committee for regular reviews of the systems effectiveness.  We will look for similar standards of transparency and control when selecting our strategic partners, investment projects and vendors.

Stewardship & Generosity

Creation Investments encourages the use of our resources, including our time, treasure, and talent, for the greater good.  We espouse stewardship and generosity, and seek to pass along these values to our stakeholders.  While we firmly believe capitalism and business can be used as tools, there are other aspects of holistic poverty relief that do not have a business model and require donor funding to meet the pressing needs of the poor. Our other not-for-profit activities facilitate further generosity and address earlier stage venture philanthropy.