Investing: How each of us can change the world…

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The title of this post – “Investing: How each of us can change the world” – is a play on former President Bill Clinton’s latest book – “Giving: How each of us can change the world.”


The majority of the book is about charitable fundraising for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Clinton first recognizes how much good NGOs do, especially when compared to government, for the plight of the poor. It is fascinating that he, being the former leader of the free world and most influential government, realized the impact non-governmental individuals and organizations can have on the quality of life for other human beings around the world.


The only addendum I would make to President Clinton’s book (if I may be so bold) would be – giving, as good as it is, doesn’t get us there. Giving isn’t big enough to solve this daunting world crisis. We need to dive into the investment pool.


The chart below points out the glaring difference in potential between charity and investing. In 2006, charitable giving reached almost $300 billion. Although that is a staggering figure, it is a drop in the bucket when compared to the $10.4 trillion available in US Mutual funds (or $25 trillion in all investable assets).

Charity Vs Investing


This is why we launched Creation Investments. We don’t want to take money away from much needed charitable services. We only hope to reach previously untapped sources of capital so we can help millions more. I only hope that President Clinton and thousands of others take notice and begin investing, not just giving, to change the world.

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