Only do what only you can do…

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Who would have thought that my first years out of college spent trading interest rate derivatives and currency swaps would enable me to work toward poverty eradication years later?


Like many of you, my life path isn’t exactly a linear one. I’ve had a myriad of experiences from international banking to pastoral ministry. From a degree in Philosophy to an MBA. From founding Real Estate companies to starting churches. The list goes on and spans the spectrum.


I’ve always wondered when all of my passions and experiences would come together into one, clear direction. This happened in May 2004. That’s when I first learned about microfinance and began working on building Creation Investments. It is the perfect combination of my passion for helping the poor and experience in international development and capital markets. It marries my staunch philosophical beliefs in capitalism and free markets with my drive to help build the Kingdom of God.


All of this is to say – only do what only you can do! We all have unique gifts and strengths that must be put to work, whether in our jobs or our service. If we don’t feed these gifts, they die. If we don’t use them, the world suffers. If we aren’t willing to change our lives or take risks to make our unique contribution, we give up any chance at fulfillment.


Go! Do it! Make your mark!

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