What’s Different About Impact Investing? – An Investor’s Veiw – SOCAP: Designing the Future

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The recent SOCAP:Designing the Future event in Malmö, Sweden hosted a 45-minute conversation between Hampus Jakobsson, an entrepreneur who sold his company for $150 million, and two experienced impact investors—Niki Armacost of Arc Finance and Oliver Karius of LGT Venture Philanthropy. From “going solo” or joining a consortium to investing in unfamiliar industries, watch a lively discussion as these 3 explore the thoughts, doubts and questions of a successful entrepreneur who is interested in making impact as an investor.

Hampus Jakobsson’s company was sold for $150 million. As an angel investor, he wonders how to understand the trade-off between investing for financial return and getting the impact he wants. Oliver Karius of LGT Venture Philanthropy and Niki Armacost of Arc Finance guide him into new territory.


Hampus offers 3 criteria he uses to evaluate an idea.

Oliver & Niki ask Hampus about how he views his role as an impact investor.

Oliver discusses LGT Venture Philanthropy’s approach to impact investing.

Niki discusses Arc Finance’s discusses approach to impact investing.

Oliver asks Hampus — “If you want to transition to the impact investing space, what is it that you need?”

Thoughts on evaluating an opportunity that is unfamiliar to the investor for investment.

Niki asks Hampus — “On the question of scale — what is the formula that you go through as an engineer to evaluate whether it’s going to be a company that can scale or not?”

Questions from the audience

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