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A Nobel Prize Winner Under Siege – WSJ.com

The Bangladeshi government is moving to exert control over the celebrated Grameen Bank. By GEORGE SHULTZ AND MADELEINE ALBRIGHT With so many banks making headlines, it is easy to overlook news about Bangladesh’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning Grameen Bank. No, this bank does not need a bailout. Quite the contrary, it has been prospering as it continues to …

Microfinance as a Tool to Alleviate Poverty – Forbes

Amy Neumann, Dell For millions of people without access to traditional banking, the internet is a lot more than a place to share the latest family photos. It’s an opportunity to tell their stories and gain access to small loans that can change their lives. Just 10 percent of the global population has access to traditional …

Microlending has helped make BTPN one of Asia’s most profitable banks – Economist

Indonesian microfinance -Rich pickings Apr 20th 2011 | Jakarta | from the print edition MENTION microfinance in Asia and thoughts usually turn to India, which is struggling to regulate the industry, and Bangladesh, where Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel prize-winning founder of Grameen Bank, has been turfed out of his job. Indonesia offers a brighter picture. …