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Why Foreign Aid Is Hurting Africa

The latest article in the Wall Street Journal proving the lamentable point that aid has hurt, not helped, Africa and the developing world.  “Evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that aid to Africa has made the poor poorer, and the growth slower. The insidious aid culture has left African countries more debt-laden, more inflation-prone, more vulnerable to the …
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WSJ – Microfinance Safe, Jobs Created

Check out this weekend’s WSJ article on global underground economies: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123698646833925567.html Approximately 95% of the loans that MFIs make are to street vendors, cab drivers, fish mongers, etc. – quoted “safe havens in a darkening financial climate.” I’m encouraged by the focus on this enormous, vital and poorly understood segment of world commerce.
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A Social Solution, Without Going the Nonprofit Route

A great article from the NYT.  The movement is growing.
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Inside The Meltdown

As Microfinance continues to prove its non-correlation, everyone is still trying to understand how we got here.  To that end, Frontline just aired an excellent 1-hour documentary about the financial crisis: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/story/2009/02/banking-at-the-brink.html Not a ton of new information, if you follow the news like we do.  But, having everything put into a single narrative was …
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How Business Can Aid in the Fight Against Global Poverty

How Business Can Aid in the Fight Against Global Poverty by Kim Tan, Dec 12, 2007 Statistics on global poverty are as easy to find as they are numbing: Nearly half the world’s population lives on less than two dollars a day; eight-hundred forty million people worldwide suffer from hunger; ten million children die every …
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Banamex Starts Microlender Compartamos With Buy Rating

Wall Street Journal . January 2009 . MEXICO CITY (Dow Jones)–Citigroup Inc’s (C) Mexican banking arm Banamex has started coverage of microfinance lender Compartamos Banco SA (COMPART.MX) with a buy rating, citing the firm’s growth potential in low income segments of the population.
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Microfinance Loan Documentary

First European Microfinance Award in the Rural Tourism Sector . In 2006 Moroccan institute, Fondation Zakoura received the first European Microfinance Award for work it undertook in promoting financial services in the rural tourism sector. The film, which shows the impact this award has on rural communities, traces the institution’s activities since receiving the award, …
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Dire Forecast for Global Economy and Trade

The article (attached below) reaffirms two important concepts – 1) emerging markets, while down, still offer higher growth rates than domestic markets; 2) this downturn will affect those in poverty more than the affluent as basic needs will not be met.  These two items are real and should drive more capital into global social investment, …
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The Time is Right for Creative Capitalism

http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5988.html . Bill Gates has it right. Business is the most powerful force for change in the world right now and gives the idea of creative capitalism real power, writes Harvard Business School professor Nancy F. Koehn.