Wealth Conundrum – Putting Principal To Work

Written by Patrick Fisher April 10, 2007 0 comment

I recently read the book Wealth Conundrum by Ralph Doudera and it only confirmed the direction we are heading. Doudera is CEO of Spectrum Financial, a money manager, and has wrestled with what God is calling him to do with his money. Among the many poignant insights, Doudera realizes that his stewardship has fallen short since he only gave out of income, not principal.


“It’s not that dribbling out the profits is a wrong thing to do, but it is so inferior to the big picture of current needs, that it is foolish.”


Most charitable givers (myself included) work from this old system – make as much money as you can and give away the excess. There are two problems with this:

1. For some of us, this is a way to hoard. We say that we’re giving, but we are really unwilling to let go of what we have accumulated in our barns (see Jesus’ parable in Luke 12).

2. We fail to put to work all the principal. We put 5% to 10% toward the needy, when we could allow 100% to be used to help the poor.


This cause is TOO important to hold back our resources. Our poor brothers and sisters cannot wait for our portfolios to grow. They need investment principal now. Maybe we could begin to “empty our barns” and look to investing to eliminate poverty today.