Maximizing Financial and Social Impact Returns

Creating Opportunities. Creating Wealth.

Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC is a leading impact investment management company dedicated to private equity investments in the financial services industry.  Specifically, we partner with management teams to inject needed growth equity and facilitate buyout transactions in firms specializing in microfinance, small-and-medium enterprise credit, leasing, factoring, insurance, savings, payments and mobile money. Creation Investments currently manages several private funds and other investment vehicles for individual, family office and institutional investors.

Together with our portfolio companies, we provide access to capital and other critical financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, helping our clients to engage in small-business activity, increasing incomes and significantly impacting those living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Currently, our companies directly serve over 12 million entrepreneurs with over $15 billion in micro and small business loans outstanding, and millions more with micro-savings, micro-insurance and mobile payment tools. We seek to maximize financial and social returns on investment, creating significant wealth for all of our stakeholders, especially our end clients.

Not Giving. Investing.

Trillions of dollars have been transferred to the poor in the last 50 years in charitable giving and services. Yet, poverty persists and billions of people go without daily basic human needs. While charitable giving is critical, alone it has not and will not break the cycle of poverty. When the poor are given access to capital and other financial products such as savings or insurance, communities are changed as capital is used for sustainable, economically beneficial activity.

Not only do these kinds of investments provide an economic return, they are a critical part of social transformation, giving dignity through work and empowerment to men and women of all socioeconomic classes. Calling upon market principles, we believe that investing, not giving only, has the potential to help solve this daunting world crisis.  Creation Investments employs a for-profit model seeking to outperform direct charity socially as well as the broader market for our investors.

Not Socially Responsible. Socially Active Investments.

Socially responsible investments have experienced tremendous growth in the past five years, attracting trillions from institutions and individuals who care about impact not just profit. Yet, there is a significant difference between being socially responsible and socially active – the former focuses on the avoidance of harm whereas the later is concerned with positive social impact.

Socially responsible investments avoid dumping pollutants into lakes and streams. Socially active investments sponsor clean water projects. Socially responsible investments prohibit predatory lending. Socially active investments offer the poor access to capital to start businesses. Socially responsible investments filter out companies involved in arms and narcotics dealings. Socially active investments provide needed medication to those in the bottom of the pyramid.

Creation Investments seeks to address the needs of the BOP through supporting sustainable, socially active ventures with other like-minded, social entrepreneurs who desire to invest with purpose.  While every investment we make involves negative screens on social and environmental practices, our portfolio companies proactively address social issues through profitable business operations.

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